Career Highlights

Career Highlights: (These are just some of highlights in Tim career.)

- Tim Dudley was inducted into International ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) Hall of Fame in the year 2019.

- Tim Dudley Show was voted Best Of... (In tribute field) in the Yes! Weekly Magazine. Voted by people around the world! (Picture on the side of the page of award given to Tim.) Updated! Tim Dudley Show wins again in 2024! Picture to follow once he receive the award. 

- Tim Dudley Show (Tribute to the King of Rock-N-Roll) has been given a life time invitation to perform at Summer Concert Series for Mishawaka, IN & Niles, MI.

- Tim Dudley Show was the First and Only Elvis Tribute Artist to perform on the front lawn of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. (Pictures are featured in Newspaper Photo Section)

- Tim Dudley Show was National Spokesmen from 2007-2009 for GrandFamiles of America.

- Tim Dudley Show has broken audience record for many venues. (Niles Riverfront in 2012, Battell Bandshell 2019/2022, etc.)

     *Mishawaka- 2019 Battell Park Band Shell (683 to 700 people for Monday Night)
                           2022 Battell Park Band Shell (880+ people for Monday Night!)

     *Niles- 2012 Riverfront (350 to 400 people for Wednesday Night) 
     *Elkhart- 2010 Nibco Park (400 to 500 People for Saturday night)

     And more....

- Tim Dudley was asked to sing the National Anthem for Monster X-Tour in Plymouth, IN.

- Tim Dudley has been featured in different books, magazine, and more. (List is below in Newspaper, and other Media Section.)

- Headliner multiple Festivals.

- List goes on, and on....

States Performed in: 

- Louisiana - Texas - Alabama - Mississippi - Illinois - Ohio - New York - California - Nevada - Tennessee - Indiana - Wisconsin - Pennsylvania - and many more!


- Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls)

Newspapers, Magazines, Media: (Photos of these papers are in photo section of the website.)

- Abbeville Newspaper

- Leaders Publication : Niles Daily Star, Dowagaic, Edwardsburg, and more.

- HORIZON 2017/18 (Yearly Magazine)

- LIFE Magazine 

- South Bend Tribute

- WNIT (PBS Station)

- Michiana Access TV (Cable)

- Featured in the Books "All The Kings Men," & "The Next Generation."

- Yes! Weekly (Magazine) (Physical Award too)

- And Much More.

Contest: (Tim does not enter very many contest. His focus is on the Elvis fans and his shows. )

2022- Elvis FANasty Fest Finalist / Finalist in King of Windy City (2006) / 

2007 / 2008- 3rd Place Winner Reflections of the King Contest